Turn This Thanksgiving Into A Spirited College Carnival

Turn This Thanksgiving Into A Spirited College Carnival

This Thanksgiving, why not turn the holiday into a spirited carnival for your college or university? It might sound crazy at first, but many advantages come with this idea. For one thing, you can bring the school together and foster a sense of community on campus. You could also use the event as a fundraiser for your favorite charity. There’s no better way to give back than by hosting a fun and exciting event that benefits others!

You could include tons of activities for people of all ages to enjoy, including food booths set up with delicious treats for everyone. There could also be plenty of carnival games for both adults and kids alike. If that’s not enough, you could schedule live performances by famous entertainers throughout the day to keep everyone entertained.

It’s a Great Way to Bring Your Community Together

A spirited college carnival is a fun way to bring your community together. It will help students relax after midterms, allow them to show off their cooking skills, and let them have some fun! No matter your age or background, everyone can come together on Thanksgiving to celebrate life with family.

How Does the School Carnival Help Students?

Teachers and students join hands to plan out a school carnival. Students learn various skills throughout the planning process. For example, visualizing their ideas and putting them down on paper will help students organize what they want to include in the carnival.

Teamwork and Responsibility

Once the planning process is complete, students have to work together as a team. Each student will be assigned a job during the school carnival such as ticket booth attendants and face painters. Taking on this additional responsibility benefits students because they learn how to effectively communicate with one another to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Students are dedicated to their projects in school, but turning this Thanksgiving into a spirited college carnival takes it one step further. All the students have to come together and work hard – and have some fun too – for this event to succeed.

Professors and Students Get Closer

Professors and students will be able to bond when turning this Thanksgiving into a spirited college carnival. This will allow building a community within the school by people getting to know one another on both an individual level and on a larger scale and being more willing to work with others that are not in their group of friends.

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