The Dos And Don’ts Of Organizing An Autism Awareness March

The Dos And Don’ts Of Organizing An Autism Awareness March

As Autism Awareness Month is near us, it is the best time for your campus to get the school spirit going for the cause. With the pandemic coming to an end, both students and teachers can play a significant role in encouraging autistic kids with various solidarity events and making them realize that they aren’t alone.

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While you plan activities to spread awareness about the disorder, you need to consider the following dos and don’ts to avoid any inconveniences.


  • Start Planning In Advance

This is important; last-minute plans are always chaotic and never result in something good. Your school organizing committee should start thinking of a line of action a month before the scheduled march. Remember, the more time you give to the plan, the easier it is to consider different options and smoothly executing the best.

  • Get Customized Shirts

Nothing speaks of unity than a unified dress code. Students and alumni marching wearing the same dress code gives a sense of unity to the cause. It is also essential to send a message that the whole community is united for the cause. You can also get creative with the slogans you opt for with different sections of the crowd wearing t-shirts spreading awareness about autism distinctly.

  • Custom Ornaments And Bags

Another great way of showing solidarity is by giving out bags and ornaments that the marchers can proudly wear. You can also involve the onlookers and other supporters by handing over badges and bags to them.

  • Carry Ample Water Supply And First Aid Kit

Preventive measures are a must; an accident never knocks before occurring. Dehydration and fatigue can creep in even on the best of us, so it is imperative to take care of the young ones by getting a first aid safety box alongside. Don’t forget to remind the young ones to bring their water bottles too; you can also get customized water bottles to encourage them.


  • Don’t Forget to Check The Weather Forecast

Nobody wants to march on a rainy day. The thunder strikes and the trampling rain can end up scaring the crowd. Check the weather forecast before a month, get in touch with the weather authorities, and get their word on the scheduled day. You can also reschedule a week before if you feel the conditions are not favorable.

  • Avoid Mismanagement

A little mismanagement from your end can make things look extremely ugly. So, get in order because your school’s reputation is on the line.

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