Stock Up On Your Late Winter, Early Summer Workout Gear!

Stock Up On Your Late Winter, Early Summer Workout Gear!

Winters are known as the bulking season if you are fresh into fitness, muscle & nutrition. So, of course, you have been eating like a truck, followed by periods of winter inactivity, and those carbs have encroached on your abs. But it’s warming up enough for you to ditch your old tattered, sweat-stained gym gear for a new one.

If you’re worried about budget or the whole exercise in ostentation, don’t! We know what will work just fine to get your lazy bones back into parkour perfection. (Or whichever schools of fitness thouest followeth! We support everyone!)

Let’s go shopping with Spirit Magnet, shall we? Grab a cart!

Your Muscles Need Hydration

The first on the agenda is hydration, so before you hit the protein shakes & granola in the cereal aisle, you need to get a load of our customizable bottles. Yes, we get it! It is a bottle, but do you know the human body needs around 2-3 liters of hydration to function healthily? And protein shakes aren’t that yummy either. But guess what, give a toddler fruit juice in a fancy bottle, and they will consume it happily; ergo, you need a bottle that makes you chug on the shakes even more happily!

You Need Sturdy But Sweat-Survival Shirts

If you are browsing some ‘that’s-my-two-week-paycheck-worth’ gym outfit, reconsider. You need breathable fabric that can be washed easily & offers none of that sweaty skin rash. Rather than browse for a shirt of your liking, only for it to arrive & color bleed with your sweat then tear up, you can send us your custom gym shirt print design & you have your style statement determined for this season.

(Pssst! Under Armour & Nike are our secrets to extraordinary, lasting & breathable fabric!)

You Need Quotes & Workout Memes

Anyone who’s worked out knows how easy it is to miss out on lower back & leg day. Maybe a few reminders printed onto fridge magnets should do the trick to get us into shape. And while you are at it, you could even help your gym gain its rush of members by volunteering motivation quotes, car stickers & magnets. There is no end to memes in this era, so your selection is endless, and we’re more than happy to customize merchandise for you!

Your Gear Needs A Bag

Extra shirts? Check!

Towels? Check!

Custom face masks (Yup! We have those too!)? Check!

Bottle & shake? Check!

Car stickers for distribution? Check!

Exercise bands, vanity, & deodorant? Check!

Now, you need a great bag!

Our customizable bags can hold so many things without splitting a seam; they’re that sturdy! Of course, you need a bag that doesn’t look like you’re carrying a toddler care kit, so we’ve got some lightweight & strong designs on hand. If a bag sounds too dry, just hit us up on printed designs of your choice & we’ll get it screened onto your ordered bag in excellent quality. There! You’re have got your unique vibe going on pretty swell!

We hope you have been following us on lading your carts with our exquisite suggestions and are waiting for you to checkout with your workout bonanza this sculpting season. Spirit Magnet takes a lot of pride in delivering affordable, high-quality & print grain standards with our products. We ship free all across the USA!

Shop now for workout essentials that scream ‘WOW’!

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