Spirit Wear 2021: Fashion Trends To Draw Inspiration From

Spirit Wear 2021: Fashion Trends To Draw Inspiration From

When it comes to spirit wear, most students, especially those conscious about their appearance, tend to avoid it due to its baggy, shapeless, and never-changing look.

While some might see it as comfortable and timeless, it is rare. If you want more students to wear spirit wear, you need to design it in a way that becomes more appealing for the fashion-conscious.  

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Getting fashion-conscious students to buy and wear with the label of ‘In Fashion,’ ‘Haute Couture,’ ‘Trendy,’ ‘Exclusive,’ or ‘Branded’ is very easy.

However, this will increase your workload, as you will have to introduce new spirit wear apparel every season and be on top of the fashion industry’s trends. If you want to try if this actually works, then let us give you a head start.

Below are some latest trends that you can integrate into your spirit wear, so more students find them chic and appealing. But before we start, it is essential to understand that not every trend can be adopted as it is (the reason we have filtered out some irrelevant ones); you need to draw inspiration from it without compromising the essence of spirit wear.

Trends for Him & Her:

Checkered – It doesn’t matter if the checkered pattern is big or small, on the pant or coat, it is here, and it’s in.

Puffers – Puffer jackets are the perfect choice for spirit wear, and they look good on everyone, not to forget how comfortable they are.

Patched and quilted – It allows you to make a bold statement and support your local industry.

Exuberant prints – There will be Juxtaposition and mixed prints widely available in vivid colors and dense abstract patterns. In women’s fashion, you will also see lots of heavy floral prints, while in men’s fashion, there will be a rise in colored snake print.

Elevated activewear – No one is ready to give up their sweats just yet, so there will be a lot of activewear and loungewear in 2021, with some creative license, of course.

Faux leather – The faux leather look can never go out of fashion for some people, but this time it is a trendy clothing choice for all of us. If you are confused about how you will integrate this trend into spirit wear, then we have one word for you – embossing. 

Trends for Her:

Apart from the generalized trends, there are some fashion style bits that are just for her, but that doesn’t mean you can’t integrate it into spirit wear like:

Cutout – A classy approach to showing skin in unique places.

Sharp shoulder – Puff, poufy, and balloon sleeves will be a big thing in the coming year. You will see lots of padded sleeves in t-shirts, or maybe even defined shoulders in jackets.

Expressive textures – There will be a lot of emphasis on unique textures and needlework like ruched or pleats.

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