Spirit T-Shirt Ideas: Different Styles To Consider

Spirit T-Shirt Ideas: Different Styles To Consider

A t-shirt is probably the simplest, most practical, and most widely used item of clothing in addition to jeans, of course. That’s why most of the spirit wear are t-shirts that students wear to celebrate, announce, raise funds, or promote any event happening in their schools.

Now, you might be thinking that spirit t-shirts are old school and least effective in times like these where digital marketing is everything. But you are wrong! If styled perfectly, spirit t-shirts have the potential to grab the attention of all the audience and receive a maximum response.

Spirit Magnet excels in producing high-quality customized spirit wear t-shirts for any event at economical rates. All you need to do is brief us about the event/occasion and expect quick deliveries anywhere in Sandy, UT. Click here to place your order today!

There are thousands – maybe even tens or hundreds of thousands – of style variations that you can consider for the next spirit wear day. But that doesn’t make it easier to answer the crucial question: which t-shirt style suits you perfectly?

Ask yourself these two questions to know your spirit t-shirt style better!

Question 1: Which neckline do I want to wear over the spirit t-shirt?

1. Round Collar

This is the safe bet. However, a few tips are in order: wear it somewhat close to the body and not too “close to the neck” to avoid 1: discomfort and 2: stuck air.

Round collar spirit wear t-shirts can easily be paired with everything: raw jeans for a casual look, a blazer for a chic and relaxed style, or even a cardigan. Simple, efficient, elegant: like you.

2. V Neck

Round neck, v-neck: same fight! You can think of both as the basics. If the V-neck lengthens and slims the neck, be careful not to go too deep with the cut. Note that the v-neck is ideal for wearing under a V-neck sweater!

3. Open Collar

Small fashion point: the flared collar is a slightly low-cut and rounded collar. It is a bit of a mix of all the collars we just talked about, but a little fuzzier. Releasing the shoulders a little, the shape of the collar immediately gives a relaxed side.

4. Tunisian Collar

Between the traditional T-shirt and the polo shirt, the Tunisian collar top has a button placket at the collar. It provides a serious alternative to the conventional round neck while remaining more subtle than plunging V-necks.

Question 2: How do i want to style my spirit t-shirt?

1. At The Shoulders

Despite its apparent simplicity, a spirit t-shirt is not that easy to choose. For a perfect fit, there are a few rules to follow.

The first is to observe how the t-shirt falls on the shoulders because it is from this small detail that we know if the size is right. The seam should fall right on the break in the shoulder. If it arrives lower, it gives a “plunging shoulders” effect.

2. At The Level Of The Torso

Regarding the torso, it’s like the shoulders: no violation of the rules! The pectorals must be slightly molded, and the t-shirt should be close to the body without feeling tight. It should highlight your muscles without revealing your little flaws.

However, if the t-shirt wrinkles when you sit down, that’s normal: it too has the right to go into a relaxed position. Same rule for the hips: it should not be too wide or too narrow. These little tips are the basis; it all depends on your taste in terms of wear. Some prefer a fitted t-shirt, others more “loose.” It’s up to you.

3. In The Arms

At the sleeves, your short-sleeved t-shirt should stop in the middle of the bicep. “Athletic” cuts are slightly shorter to emphasize your muscles. Avoid t-shirts with sleeves reaching down to the elbow. Ideally, they stop right at the junction of the triceps and biceps. For a slightly more sophisticated look, opt for the rolled-up sleeve.

4. At The Waist

It happens at the level of the belt. But just below: this is where the t-shirt must end so that it is the right length. The golden rule is, therefore, a t-shirt that covers the belt without hiding your jeans pockets.

Once you’ve decided your neckline and style, you can get your school spirit wear designs printed on the spirit t-shirt from Spirit Magnet at affordable rates. We guarantee premium quality products and services for all residing in Sandy, UT. Click here to explore our inventory today!

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