Showing School Spirit In The Pandemic

Showing School Spirit In The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the education industry by forcing governments, educational institutions, and parents worldwide to forgo conventional classrooms in favor of remote learning to ensure students’ health and safety.

During such difficult times, when classes are taking place online, events are getting canceled, and various precautionary measures are being implemented, making school spirit next to impossible.

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There are not many ways you can showcase school spirit or boost your own morale or that of your peers anymore. You can’t cheer your team on at sports events. You can’t partake in any competition. You can’t go out and celebrate with your friends. You can not even physically be on campus. However, there are some things you can do. Have a look!

Stay active in the online school community – There is no cause to be upset if you cannot physically socialize. By staying active in your online school community, forums, or groups, you will stay up to date and not feel lonely due to imposed isolation.

Host virtual meets and events – If anything, the global pandemic has proven that it can be a real killer for your social life, which will eventually take a toll on your mental health, friendships, school spirit, and sense of companionship. You can counter all of this and restore school spirit by making the most of what you have. Even if you cannot have school events or meet-ups, you can still host seminars, mixers, and events online where students can participate virtually.

Help your peers by tutoring or counseling them – The pandemic has negatively impacted all of us. You can restore your school spirit by helping your peers cope. Online tutoring, mentoring, or merely being there for your classmates can be a significant contribution. Many students have trouble understanding concepts through virtual classes, so you walking an extra mile can come to mean a lot.

Don spirit wear when you go out – Although during the pandemic you will probably only go out to grab some urgent groceries, you can still wear your school jersey, college spirit wear, or customized school mask when you go out to showcase your school spirit and pride.

Take and upload photos in spirit wear – Keep your school spirit alive by wearing school spirit wear in photographs you take during the pandemic to post on your social media profile. It can help keep that sense of community alive between your classmates and can even start a trend.

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