Resources To Help You Celebrate Indigenous People's Day In Utah!

Resources To Help You Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day In Utah!

It’s a day to celebrate an important part of our culture and heritage; October 11 is Indigenous People’s Day in America! This day allows us to learn and reflect about the strong and fascinating people who have been living on this land for thousands of years. School spirit is always high when it comes time to showing off what you’ve learned in your classroom or at home, which can include learning about Native American history! Here are some tips that will help make your day memorable and some spirit ideas that can genuinely impart the knowledge of the culture of the indigenous Americans.

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1) Read the Works of an Indigenous Writer

Reading the works of Native American writers will give you an insight into their lives, history and cultures. Hold a joint reading session and discuss their struggles and how they are still vital to this day. You can create special T-shirts for the reading session or a large banner that can hang outside your school with students writing their thoughts. Create T-shirts with slogans about indigenous culture.

2) A Walk in Their Remembrance

Create a special place on campus where students can go to learn about the history of these great Americans. Place small figurines at different points around your school and have student volunteers explain their significance. The organizing team can also involve parents and other members of the community to raise awareness. 

3) Lead a Native Plantation Drive

Plant native trees and plants around your school to help protect the environment and encourage healthy ecosystems. This idea is perfect for fall, so students can also get seeds from local native food sources like squash or amaranth! The idea behind this is to ensure that your plantation looks complete and resembles the ecosystem of your area.

4) Use Props or Special Clothing for Spirit Ideas

A) Wear Native American Head Dresses and Paint Your Face Like a Warrior! (You can also wear other articles of clothing that represent the culture, such as buckskin, fringes, etc.)

B) If you would like to do something more formal that is still creative and informative at the same time, try putting on an educational play for Indigenous People’s Day with students taking on roles in different respective cultures. You can have actors dress appropriately for their role while others are assigned parts based on what type of groups they belong to.

You could also bring in native art and invite dignitaries to speak about sharing traditions and how some societies are striving hard to preserve them.

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