Psychology of Color - What the Color of Your Clothes Communicate

Psychology Of Color – What The Color Of Your Clothes Communicate

Indeed, the clothes we wear denote our style and personality, but different colors present us in a different light, giving the observer a very particular vibe about our character.

And without our realization, it conveys some essential concepts about our character such as warmth, serenity, reliability, etc.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that if fashion is a language, colors also speak about us and tell others who we are.

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In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss different colors and what they communicate when you wear them. Let’s find out how.


Loved by stylists and enormously used for almost every occasion, black gives off mysterious yet elegant vibes while also radiating power and sophistication the moment you step foot in a room.

The sobriety of black, in fact, also conveys absolute authority, and a daytime “total black” creates a sense of superiority towards others.


If there were a color for institutions, it would surely be blue. This is the color of reliability and concreteness. This is why it is often used in the academic environment, as many students wear it at school.

However, shades of blue can convey a completely different image. An electric and bright blue, for example, communicate cheerfulness and vivacity instead of seriousness and formality. Therefore, choose your spirit wear in the right shade based on what you want to show about yourself.


The other institutional color par excellence is gray. Gray communicates professionalism but at the same time sobriety and dependability too.

Unlike blue, however, gray should be worn sparingly because an excess of gray can give the sense of a flat, colorless, and lackluster personality. That’s why whenever you wear gray; don’t forget to contrast it with bright colors to display your liveliness and fun personality!


If there is a color that can express passion, it is red. It is no coincidence that it is the color of fire. Dressing in red communicates joy, vivacity, and sensuality. At the same time, however, red conveys aggression and, above all, attracts attention.

Note that dressing only in red could put you too much in the center of others’ eyes, so consider dialing it down by combining it with other, more ‘eye-soothing’ colors for balance.


The term ‘green with envy’ has surely given the color green a bad name. However, the color green is fashionable and communicates serenity, harmony, and balance.

Here too, the shades give a different meaning to the color. Light and bright green give the impression of an open and cheerful person. However, as we lean more towards darker hues, such as pine, forest green, basil, or seaweed, we are more likely representing ourselves in a formal and professional image.


A color that is mistakenly believed to be typically feminine is pink. A pink dress for women enhances their femininity and communicates delicacy and softness. In a nutshell, it is the color that displays kindness and tranquility.

Wearing pink for men, however, means wanting to communicate eccentricity, the desire to stand out from the crowd, and break the societal norm of; ‘only women can wear pink.’

Orange and yellow

From your beloved serving of Sunnyside eggs to your revitalizing glass of Florida’s Natural’s orange juice, nothing screams early mornings like the colors orange and yellow! And we aren’t surprised why that is.

The color orange exhibits joy, enthusiasm, and creativity, whereas yellow displays optimism, happiness, and freshness!

So, which color describes your personality best?

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