Let's Get Spirited Away With Exciting School Fair Ideas

Let’s Get Spirited Away With Exciting School Fair Ideas

Many people look forward to the yearly tradition of school fairs. Schools start each year; kids and parents can’t wait for school fair season! School fairs give children an opportunity to show what they learned in class and get creative with their projects; it also gives parents a chance to meet new teachers and learn about all the different clubs that their kids can participate in at school. And of course, there’s always plenty of food!

In this blog post, we’ll cover some exciting school fair ideas so you can have a successful school event!

Time for Some Creativity

One popular activity at school fairs is giving kids the opportunity to create their customized t-shirts – a brilliant way to show off their styles and creativity. Many different online stores sell blank t-shirts in various colors, so it’s easy to find something that will suit your needs. Some shops like Spirit Magnet offer personalized t-shirts to help you plan your school fair around a specific theme.

Book Stalls – the Main

A school fair is incomplete without a fabulous bookstall. This is a great place to find exciting and educational reads for kids of all ages. You can also set up a small reading corner next to the stall so that kids can relax and enjoy their new purchases. A stall selling personalized stickers and magnets will be a big success for students (and parents!) interested in maintaining a journal.

Fun with Food

Food is always a big hit at school fairs, so be sure to have plenty of options for your guests! From fast food items to customized chocolates, your guests are sure to enjoy these tasty treats.

For families who may be health-conscious or vegetarian/vegan, you mustn’t forget them! Be sure to include at least one stall dedicated entirely to healthy snacks and drinks so that everyone can stay happy.

The Prize Wheel – Adding to Excitement

Irrespective of age, everyone loves a good prize wheel! Be sure to add one to your school fair and watch the excitement it brings. You can either have prizes donated by local businesses or get creative with what you give away. Some ideas include gift vouchers, custom masks, customized water bottles, customized t-shirts, or even a day out at an amusement park!

Games Galore

Of course, some of the best school fair games you can find involve a particular element of skill as well as luck. Games like throwing darts at balloons or shooting hoops require some level of accuracy and concentration, making them all the more fun for everyone involved!

The Magic Show – A Fantastic Experience

Invest in a magician to perform live shows during your school. Magic shows bring a wave of happiness and excitement to everyone present. At the same time, they are a challenge for those who want to learn magic tricks and perform them as well!

Even though school fairs can be fun and exciting (and challenging), you must ensure everything is done in moderation.

Spirit Magnet offers a fantastic collection of customized magnets, bottles, t-shirts, and much more that can help you take your school fair up by a notch. What are you waiting for? Shop now!

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