Keep The School Spirit Alive Even During The Covid Outbreak!

Keep The School Spirit Alive Even During The Covid Outbreak!

With schools open now, many students and faculty are scared about coming into contact with someone infected with Covid. We know that it’s essential to practice social distancing during a Covid outbreak; however, this doesn’t mean that we have to bid goodbye to all the fun school spirit activities!

Fostering the school spirit is essential for any school. But when a Covid outbreak occurs, it can be challenging to maintain that sense of community and positivity in the face of adversity.

Here are some ways you can keep your school spirit alive, even during a Covid outbreak!

1) Spirit Week 

Instead of canceling Spirit Week due to Covid outbreaks, you can still have one. Prepare a series of no-contact activities for the week, like wearing different school colors every day, and paint your face accordingly.

Although the battle against Covid is far from over, we can hope that the worst is now behind us. This is why it is essential to celebrate our school’s achievements of the previous year as well as how faculty and students together navigated the tough times to keep the learning going.

The student body should get together with the faculty to plan a spirit week and get the festivities rolling with caution. Ensure that all events are designed to encourage social distancing and are not super-spreader gatherings which can endanger everyone. You can take advantage of the extensive collection of school spirit products at Spirit Magnet in Utah.

2) Set up a Fundraiser

Another great way to keep the school spirit alive during Covid outbreaks is to have a fundraiser where students can participate. A classic example would be selling doughnuts for $0.50 each and giving your sales proceeds to charity in order to help those facing difficulty during these times. At times like this, it’s essential to help others in need, bringing everyone together in solidarity and supporting one another.

It might seem difficult at first, but you can still maintain that sense of community – even when Covid strikes – with a bit of effort. 

3) Give Out Custom Gifts

Another way to boost the school spirit is by raising money and giving out custom gifts. You can personalize a gift for each student, with their name written on it. This will make them feel like they are part of the school community even if classes have been temporarily canceled or postponed due to a Covid outbreak at school.

You can create customized T-shirts and face masks with a motivational message to bring the students together, or even give out stickers and magnets that they can take home.

Regardless of how your school decides to counter the uncertain situation the world is facing; you must remember that promoting your school spirit can help uplift dropping motivation levels and keep the school bond intact!

Fight the battle against Covid at your school with Spirit Magnet products in Sandy, UT. Get customized face masks and water bottles to maintain social distancing while learning. Get more terrific ideas on how to boost that school spirit with our diverse range of products!

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