How To Use Spirit Wear To Welcome Kids Back To School In 2021

How To Use Spirit Wear To Welcome Kids Back To School In 2021

Schools in Utah and across the country still have to make tough decisions to determine if it’s safe to open schools after the holidays. A lot depends on how successful the vaccine is and how soon teachers can get a shot. 

But whether it’s in-person, virtual, or a hybrid, every school should prepare to welcome kids to a new academic year in 2021. In today’s blog, we talk about how you can use spirit wear to boost kids’ enthusiasm as they resume education under the threat of COVID-19. 

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Here are some helpful back-to-school tips: 

Shoot A Welcome Video

As remote learning seems to be the norm in the near future, it makes sense to plan a virtual welcome for students. Shoot a video of teachers and school staff giving uplifting and fun messages and tell them what to expect in the upcoming year. The sight of familiar faces is what most school-sick kids need nowadays.

Introduce Each Class Virtually

Even without a pandemic, many students find it hard to transition to a new class and meet new classmates. And that’s why teachers use activities like ice-breakers to help kids ease into their new surroundings. The same can be done virtually as the teacher can introduce herself and encourage each student to follow. 

Send ‘Welcome Back’ Packages

The first wave of COVID-19 took everyone by surprise and spawned a make-shift approach towards remote learning. But next year, you can incorporate the lessons learned so far to make virtual learning more comfortable and more accessible for children. 

Schools can achieve this by sending care packages with a ‘welcome back to school’ message. These simple goodie bags may contain books, stationery, and other items to help them adjust to home learning for a few more months. 

Incorporate Spirit Wear

Social distancing guidelines don’t need to diminish student’s unity with their peers and their schools. Many institutions have found spirit wear to be that necessary ingredient that connects teachers, staff, students, and parents in these uncertain times. 

You can print custom school apparel and enable parents to get them through curbside pickups or even home delivery, depending on the feasibility. 

When designing spirit wear, do keep weather conditions in mind. And it also helps to incorporate the latest trends in design. Once printed, encourage students to don their custom outfits during class and virtual meetups, and even upload photos in spirit wear on their social media. 

And as children finally return, you can use custom masks to ensure safety while building spirit at the school.

To sum up, it’s evident that this school year will be unlike any other. And this makes it all the more essential to start on the right note. At Spirit Magnet, we offer high-quality school spirit wear at the best prices in Sandy, UTClick here to buy custom spirit products.

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