Great Teen Spirit: 5 Gorgeous Ideas To Make Your School Life Memorable!

Great Teen Spirit: 5 Gorgeous Ideas To Make Your School Life Memorable!

Memorable school events are a joy to remember years after they take place. However, organizing such events to preserve them can be a daunting task for schoolers as it is time-consuming and stressful. Walking back and forth between classes, dodging bullies, and stressing over grades, these kids need a break; they need some color; they need interesting school memorabilia!

Here we introduce some smart ideas to make the schooling phase the best one of your lives!

  1. Surround yourself with resourceful friends – everyone needs good friends as it leads to excellent character building and keeps the growing mind from drifting off to less desirable stressors. Creative friends team up to get work done while having fun too. And they always have your back when a bully comes on the scene. Having friends who grow up with you and stay in touch even when they have gone off to out-of-state colleges is possibly the best feeling of belonging to grace our memories. And the postal correspondence that ensues with custom t-shirts and tote bags full of goodies to keep you all connected when you’re finally adults; can’t put that feeling to words!
  2. Be a part of a co-curricular or nerd club – With computers, online gaming, and the internet, LAN parties are a thing of the past, but it doesn’t mean they are outdated activities. If you’re a teen reading this, online multiplayer gaming is the epitome of bonding skills and team coordination, so balance your hours with the study; don’t play in excess. If you’re teased for being geeky, don’t be sad, own it, and show them who’s boss! Computers, sciences, arts, math, chess, swimming, football, reading, and DnD; there are so many clubs to join or form when you have your like-minded buddies at your side.
  3. Use stationary worth getting nostalgic over – Ah! This one is a no-brainer! Forget school kids, even those in college like to add a bit of art to their stationery. We’d know because the influx of custom orders we deal with is proof enough! Get some stickers, stamps, and bookmarks and spruce them journals up with some customized covers. Bottles and bags with your favorite school team logo or artwork take you back to that moment you got a gold star; just thinking of it makes US nostalgic!
  4. Capture moments in time – The 70s were fantastic with retro art, colorful uniforms, bicycles, handheld cameras, and polaroid. Now we have cell phones and filters that make it all too easy without carrying heavy recording equipment. Of course, having cells at school is a definite violation of school etiquette. Still, you can always ask your teacher for permission beforehand, as long as you maintain the school’s decorum!
  5. Make your mark while you’re there! – Don’t waste time on too much fun unless it’s fun that gets you on the path to achieving your career goals. Work up your way to a future college scholarship by indulging in teams and interests. Get into competitions, win by a sheer team effort, and gear up in custom costumes for the competitor events! Your team uniforms are going to be a testimony to your wins. What better way than adding team designs to make yourself stand out from the other school teams!

At Spirit, we cater to all sorts of custom school stationery and supplies, send in your designs for a mockup, and we’ll take care of the rest! If you’re in Bluffdale, even better, as we deliver high-quality and secure school supplies across Utah!

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