Field Day – Tips On Planning A Fun and Successful Day

Field Day – Tips On Planning A Fun and Successful Day

With the pandemic stress coming to an end, it seems like there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. School activities that were delayed last year in the wake of the crisis now need to be celebrated with enthusiasm and optimism.

Planning a field day is easily the best way to mark the end of a challenging academic year. The field day invokes a sense of school spirit and helps children remember what they missed out on during the previous year.

The thought of a field day might sound fun on paper, but in reality, organizing it can be very stressful and challenging. Getting all students together and ensuring they follow all SOPs in Sandy, UT, is a task not for unskilled professionals. However, all things can fall in line perfectly if you start planning.

So, grab a pen and paper and start taking notes as we uncover some essential tips for planning a fun field day.

1. Setting Field Day Goals

Setting a theme is the best way to get things started. Think of what the goal is and start with keeping the end in mind. Ask yourself: if you want the field day to be a fun casual event or competitive, having various games for the students to participate in? You can take help from your colleagues and lock in a date suitable for all.

2. Planning and Brainstorming

The field day begins from the day you start planning for it; the actual day is essentially the culmination of all your efforts before. Start planning from scratch, think of what activities suit your students and the theme, and choose the ones you are sure your students will like.

We recommend keeping the activities short and precise, as frequent clarifications at each step can become annoying for both the volunteers and the participants.

3. Recruiting Volunteers

Don’t forget the role of volunteers when planning a field trip. Volunteers are an integral part of the field trip as they efficiently share responsibilities and help you with several tasks. To recruit volunteers, you can distribute flyers and email fellow-teachers for assistance; we are sure they will respond positively.

4. Deciding Field Day Games and Itinerary

The games that you select for your field day will impact its success. Remember to keep things fun yet straightforward; students must not get bored at any stage. Also, design a schedule beforehand and try following it during the day. You can provide parents with all the details so that they don’t have to worry about their children going on a field day.

5. Checking the Last Minute Essentials

Your field day’s success depends on how well you plan for it. Plan the activities as early as possible so that you can assemble the required equipment. Also, look out for weather during the scheduled dates before organizing a field day.

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