Face Masks: A Vital Addition To Your Academic Dress For Graduation In 2021

Face Masks: A Vital Addition To Your Academic Dress For Graduation In 2021

Once upon a time, college graduation was simple and straightforward. Students would dress up in the traditional graduation gowns to attend one of the most important events of their lives, take a bunch of photographs with their teachers and classmates, receive their diplomas, and party afterward with friends to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

However, things have changed a lot from how they were a couple of years ago, not due to advancements, trends, or choice, but solely due to necessity.

In recent times, the coronavirus pandemic, which is now in its third wave, has changed every aspect of our lives. The crippling fear of getting infected, coupled with the determination to normalize life as much as possible, has made everyone overly cautious of the next step they take.

In such a situation, the graduation ceremony has also changed. We are not just referring to social distancing and following other preventive measures to flatten the COVID-19 curve, but also a necessary addition to your graduation dress code – a face mask!

Now, along with the graduation cap and gown, you also have to wear a face mask to keep yourself hale and hearty for a bright and prosperous future.

At Spirit Magnet, we create high-quality customized masks that can protect you and also give your look that extra bit of pizzazz. We can print any design in any color to turn your creative vision into a reality. Through our spirit wear face mask printing services, you can have face masks featuring your college’s colors made for the entire graduating class. This way, your class will have one more souvenir to store on their journey towards a successful career.

Coronavirus mainly spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets/particles that travel through the air every time someone sneezes, coughs, shouts, or talks. Others can breathe in these droplets and contract COVID-19 if the transmitter is corona positive.

Masks create a simple barrier to prevent the exchange of respiratory droplets. Therefore, wearing a mask is vital for your well-being, as well as that of others. Do not take off your mask even for the class photo. The few seconds you let your guard down could be the exact moment you contract COVID-19, which you can then transfer on to your loved ones.

You can get customized face masks printed for your graduation ceremony, which can be distributed at the entrance to emphasize further that wearing masks is mandatory for everyone attending the event.

So, stay protected and ensure to wear masks at all times. Frequently use sanitizers to keep yourself germ-free and avoid physical contact to limit virus transmission.

Contact us for more information about screen printing or place your face mask order for timely delivery anywhere in Sandy, UT, today!

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