Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Spirit Wear

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Spirit Wear

When it comes to creating school spirit wear, people only peruse the color and design. They fail to take into account how important selecting the right fabric is – it can impact the wearability of the garment. And when we say wearability, we are taking everything into account, including the look, sweat-absorbance, and everything else.

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Before selecting a fabric for your spirit wear, consider what piece of clothing you are designing, and look at samples of all the materials to get an idea of what the final result may look like. Below is the list of some fabrics you can consider.

100% cotton

Cotton is the most commonly used material for t-shirts. It is soft, lightweight, biodegradable, and allows the skin to breathe. It is also the best material for Direct to garment printing (DTG) and Screen Printing. There are different types of cotton available, including Ringspun Cotton, Combed cotton, Organic Cotton, and Pima Cotton.

100% Polyester

If you are creating an athletic spirit wear piece, then the polyester fabric is an excellent choice as it dries quickly and wicks moisture away from the skin, allowing the wearer to stay cool, comfortable, and sweat-free. This synthetic fabric is highly durable and holds shape well without stretching. However, it is not a breathable material. Nonetheless, it is the best fabric for transfer printing.


A 50-50 blend between polyester and cotton, this smooth woven fabric is a comfortable choice for warm weather spirit wear as it is somewhat breathable. Still, it does not have any moisture-wicking properties.


As the name suggests, tri-blends are a blend of three materials – cotton, polyester, and rayon. Rayon is made from wood pulp and has the same soft feel as wool, silk, linen, and cotton. Tri-blends are a very expensive material, yet it is worth the price because it is also the comfiest out of all materials on the list.


Bamboo is becoming a popular material for t-shirts due to its moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial qualities. It is the ultimate choice for summer spirit wear as it can keep the temperature down. Bamboo fabric is also very soft, highly breathable, and more stretchable than cotton.


Though an unconventional choice, hemp still made the list. Although this fabric has been around for a long time, hemp apparel is just taking off.

Hemp is extremely comfortable to wear and great for the environment as it absorbs carbon dioxide. Thus, if your spirit wear target market consists of trendy and environmentally-conscious students who would not mind going the extra mile to save the planet, then opt for hemp.

You will also come across some blended fabrics like Ramie/Acrylic, Wool/Cotton and Linen/Cotton, and synthetic material like Nylon and Acetate in your search for the perfect fabric for spirit wear and printing.

If you are making a sports jersey or want your spirit wear to double as active sportswear, then you can even consider Polyester-Spandex and Rayon. If you want to try some more organic fabrics, consider Tencel Lyocell and Viscose, both of which have great moisture-wicking qualities.

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