Custom Cheer Accessories

When your cheer squad walks on the field you need them to make an immediate impression, right? That’s the way you’ll instantly jump start school spirit. For this has all the cheer accessories you could ever wish for to help you all the way.

Our range of cheer squad accessories and cheerleading supplies helps you prepare the team to lead others in showing who’s the best team on the block.

And why not put some of our cheerleading products in the whole school’s hands? Plastic cheer megaphones are ideal for making a lot of noise, showing other teams who is boss.

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Custom Cheer Accessories and Gifts

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Choose from HUNDREDS of our trendy school mascot and logo designs, or, send us your logo and we can create something custom just for you!

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Kick Back and Relax!

Grab yourself a coffee and put your feet up. You deserve it! We’ve got this. Rest easy knowing your custom cheerleading supplies are on the way.

Bringing you the best cheer accessories around believes in quality products at an affordable price. We work hard to source the very best cheerleading products and game day supplies to help your team shine.

  • Impressive items that look great, which will help promote your public image.
  • Practical products your cheer team can make a lot of noise with, build team spirit and show off your team colors.
  • A large variety so you can match the right cheer accessories to your unique application.

Plastic Cheer Megaphones

Plastic Cheer Megaphones

Making noise has never been easier or more stylish and fun. Our custom cheer megaphones and cowbells will raise the roof!

Cheer Squad Accessories

Personalized Cheer Squad Accessories

Kit our your cheer squad with our large range of customizable bags, and personalized cheerleading apparel.

Personalized Foam Fingers

Personalized Cheer Accessories

Get the crowd on their feet, and pump up your team with our customizable foam fingers and game day supplies.

Custom Cheer Awards & Gifts

Custom Cheer Gifts and Awards

Show your appreciation to your cheer squad with our large range of customizable cheer awards and cheer gifts.

But wait, there’s more!

Don’t just stop at kitting out your cheer squad; we offer a wide variety of custom cheer accessories that the entire school will love!

Keep your fans comfortable

Make sure your team members, fans and supporters are comfortable throughout each event. Our stylish seat cushions and spirit towels look great & we’ll print your logo or slogan on the surface. Each item your team takes these to an event you can promote your school and help build team spirit.

Cheer accessories for the entire school

Which of these will be the popular item to gift to supporters or sell at your fundraiser?

  • Custom lanyards available in 40 different colors
  • Funky rubberized sunglasses
  • Plastic Footballs
  • Silicone wristbands proudly displaying your logo or message
  • Cheer keychains, suited for young and old

When it comes to custom cheer gear, has got all the products you could ever wish for. Talk to our team today to learn more about our large range of custom cheer accessories.

Use personalized cheerleading apparel to boost your team’s spirit

Of course, you need your cheer squad pumped so they can spark excitement in the rest of the crowd. Why not use personalized cheerleading apparel that they’ll be proud to wear and use?

We can print any design or words on our cheer squad accessories. You can make your team members feel super special by adding their names to their cheerleading supplies.

Cheer Squad Accessories

Custom cheer accessory packages just for you

Cheer items aren’t simply nice to haves. They’re essential for sparking team spirit and maintaining high energy throughout an event. Custom cheerleading accessories make this a little easier and much more fun than usual.


Create a unified look

Want to impress the other teams or show potential students you’re the school to join? Then show you dominate the market; with personalized cheerleading apparel, it’s easy.

When all your team members, supporters and personalized cheerleading apparel incorporate the same colors and logos, you’ll prove you’re a force to be reckoned with. That’s why we sell our cheer items in a wide range of colors, and we’ll add your customized logo or even help you create one.

The variety means you can also match this to other items you’ll find in the Spirit Magnet catalog. That way people will notice your colors no matter where they look on the sports field or around town.


Kit out your entire team

Don’t stop at cheer squad accessories. Spirit Magnet can help you add other items that will enhance your cheer squad’s efficacy and spirit. Why not give them drinkware to keep hydrated or comfortable, personalized clothing to keep them cool? Browse our catalog to find out what else we can help you with.


Raise the funds you need

Everyone will enjoy owning the fun and practical items on our cheer items list. That makes them practical products to sell during at your next school fundraiser event. The more you purchase the less you’ll pay for printing, so it’s budget friendly to order large amounts of stock. Our wide range of items means you can find something that suits your budget and your supporters’ budget so you’ll quickly sell all your stock. Our wide range also means you’ll find something for anyone’s taste.

Make it even more dynamic and use these items to promote your sponsors. Print their logos on the custom cheer supplies that everyone in town will see and any local business would love to partner with you.

Custom Cheerleading Supplies

How Can We Help?

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And remember: We can help with logo designs to give you customized cheer accessories unique to your school. We also ship across the US and Canada, so everyone can enjoy our range of quality products.

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