Celebrate Your School Spirit with A Photography Contest!

Celebrate Your School Spirit with A Photography Contest!

Your school is a place where memories are made. That’s why it should be celebrated! One way to celebrate your school spirit is by organizing a photography contest for students and alumni of your school. These contests give people an opportunity to show off their creativity while celebrating their institution simultaneously!

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to organize a successful photo contest for your school and engage more students with creative events like this one!

Why You Need a Photography Contest

Current students and alumni can become active participants in this contest by sharing their photos on social media. This can help create a trend in your area and let others know about the strong school spirit bond that you and your alumni share.

What Do You Need to Run the Contest?

You don’t need much at all! All you need is a hashtag or two, an online gallery for submissions, and some prizes to hand out when it’s time to announce winners. We can help with that last part, too—Spirit Magnet, the premier school spirit brand in Sandy, UT, offers deals on customized goods and products that help you celebrate your alma mater in style.

How to Organize a Perfectly Creative Event?

The best thing about this event is its flexibility in terms of how creative it can be. Whether you want students to submit photos taken near their homes or anywhere else around campus, they’ll have fun creating memories while sharing them with others through the contest.

What are the Best Ways to Promote this Contest?

You can get your students involved by creating a hashtag for them to use when they submit photos of themselves participating in school spirit events, like homecoming or special sports games. You could even create custom Facebook frames that people can add to their pictures before uploading! This is an easy way to let everyone share what’s important to them about school while also promoting your photo contest at the same time. Students who want to promote their pictures can also create customized t-shirts or stickers with their clicked photographs. 

Not only will you engage more current students and alumni with these contests, but it’ll help spread awareness among future students too! If someone sees another student posting selfies with one of your custom Facebook frames around campus, chances are that they would like to join in on the action.

A photography contest is a great way to involve everyone in a common cause. With everyone having access to technology, organizing a creative contest will help you involve both avid experts and amateur photographers.

If you’re wondering how to promote the contest and reward the winners in a practical yet affordable and straightforward manner, then Spirit Magnet is here to help you out. We help schools in Sandy, UT, build that spirit by offering customizable school spirit products and merchandise. Order now and get the cameras clicking!

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