Boosting The Ideal Team Spirit with A Bicycle Trekking Adventure!

Boosting The Ideal Team Spirit with A Bicycle Trekking Adventure!

College is tough, and the exceeding amount of student burnout can do with a weekend party or a date with nature. Planning a college event is one thing, but adding a bicycle trekking activity (much closer to nature) into the mix is quite the perfect co-curricular activity to enhance the thirst for adventure in your team. If you are an activities coordinator at a college and want to make a blast of an end-of-year event, then we have some cool trekking ideas for you!

In addition to the bicycles, make it into a competitive event, and you can add many collectibles around the track sites to excite the participants. Or make it charitable, with event merchandise proceeds going to a good Christmas cause!

There are so many national parks around Salt Lake City and Utah that your college can have as many cool picks to go trekking this weekend!

1. Prominent Hiking Backpack

Stickers are a great way to make your backpacks flashy and vibrant. They come in handy if you are in danger of getting lost or being separated from the crowd. You can send in custom sticker designs, and we will get to work on them right away. You can even get customized bags to add to the event merchandise for those students who wish to carry light!

2. Navigation Essentials

Compasses, maps, & the occasional GPS should be handed out to each trek team to make the event manageable, especially if the track traverses through the heavy forest or dry wilderness. Each team should also have a handheld radio and adult supervision so activities can proceed with proper coordination.

3. Matching Team Uniforms

Well, not precisely uniforms, but custom logo t-shirts & protective custom facemasks would undoubtedly do the trick for team roles and teammates’ visibility, just as the stickered backpacks do. We provide unmatched quality in custom design t-shirts material & prints. You & your wards will not have to worry about color bleeding for years to come, and these shirts will serve as a great memory!

4. Lots Of Water

No activity involving physical exertion is complete without hydration. You can set up booths at the trek starting points with water bottles and custom bottle merchandise. It sends out a good message & everyone will be eager to get a bottle showing their college logo on the front. We have several savvy sports bottle designs you can order with custom logos. And these bottles can be fitted onto your bicycles too!

5. First Aid Kit

An essential item in a backpack is a first aid kit. Have bandages, cotton, gauze, ointment, antiseptic, antibacterial wipes, epi-pens, and surgical staples in case of any injury. It is better to be safe than to be sorry for an untreated infection in the outdoors. We can have some pretty adorable custom stickers to put on every team’s dedicated trekking first aid kit!

Oh, and don’t forget, you can have us customize magnets to adorn your bicycles with too!

Spirit Magnet is a school supplies business based in Utah & has excelled in quality product delivery. Nike & Under Amour are among our quality apparel suppliers. If you have such a trekking activity planned, deal us in for some quality advertising posters, and we will totally help you with pumping up that team spirit with delectable event merchandise!

We do have a store in Sandy, UT, but you can try us out for a demo before signing on if you need your order delivered nationwide, across the USA. Try our products; you will surely not be disappointed!

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