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9 Ideas For Building Spirit At Your School

Schools have reopened, and it’s time for parents and teachers to work together to build school spirit for students.

Building school spirit is instilling in students a passion for learning through various entertaining activities, encouraging them to improve their academic performance, and reinforcing a positive learning environment.

And with these 9 spirit-building ideas, you are well on your way to making school fun again!

1. Spirit Fridays

One way to make going back to school fun again is by distributing to students school t-shirts and spirit wear that displays their support for their favorite sports team. Spirit Fridays are important because they boost a student’s sense of belonging and create a sense of solidarity with their classmates.

2. Celebrate School History

Celebrating your school’s history also teaches students the importance of knowing their academic roots. It instills a sense of pride in them about where they started off when they first began school.

A great way to inform students about their school’s history is by setting a special ‘dress-up’ day where they get to wear outfits that represent their school’s theme and spirit!

3. Field Day Celebrations

There’s nothing that gets students ecstatic like attending school field trips. So why not throw a welcome back school party by arranging a field trip for your students?

Distribute field day shirts, caps, water bottles, and more as a way to get them excited to head back to school again. Make your field trip an unforgettable day by checking out our wide range of field day supplies.

4. Get Groovin’

If there’s one thing kids love, its parties. And there’s no better way to build school spirit than arranging a themed party, such as Cartoon Character day – where they dress up like their favorite cartoon character or Career Day, where all students wear uniforms of their chosen profession.

Another fun idea to get them back in the groove for school is keeping a decades day. Keep a 60s day and watch students sport frayed bell-bottomed jeans, tie-die shirts, and polka dots!

5. Involve Students In Community Service

As much as academic success is critical for students, contributing to the local community is just as essential to establishing a sense of purpose and gratefulness in children.

Have your students custom design water bottles, t-shirts, backpacks, wristbands, cups, and more to donate to local fundraising events. You can even have them wear their favorite custom cheer accessories when raising funds for their local sports team. The opportunities at Spirit Magnet are endless!

6. Design Contests

Every student has an artsy side to themselves. All they need is the right set of design tools and materials to execute their artistic ideas, and this is where design contests are great to spark their creativity.

Arrange a design contest where students can collaborate in teams to design t-shirts, backpacks, car magnets, and all forms of spirit wear to showcase their school pride!

7. Classroom Décor

Young or old, students of all ages love to get their hands dirty in with some paint! So how can you bolster their motivation and school spirit? That’s right; get your students involved in decorating their classroom’s door, walls, notice boards, and even windows!

Divide your classroom into 4-5 teams and pick out a particular theme you want them to follow (minions, Disney characters, a favorite book or movie, literally anything fun!) and watch them get to work.

The team with the best design gets awarded with backpacks, spirit wear, car magnets, school logo drinkware, or anything else you have in mind!

8. School Cleanup Project

Games and design contests are always fun, but another great way to build school spirit in children and teach them responsibility is by involving them in cleanup projects.

Organize a day where both students and teachers work in unison to clean up the school garden, classroom windows and tables, and sweep and mop the doorways. Remember to liven it up with kid-friendly snacks and refreshments, and maybe even end the day with a fun movie at the school’s theatre!

9. Virtual School Spirit Schedules

Even though schools have reopened in some parts of the US, many school systems intend to operate entirely online. So to make virtual-learning fun, teachers can plan a virtual school spirit week involving days such as;

  • Book Club – students design their and their chapter notes to share with their classmates and teacher online.
  • Bakers’ Club – with their parents’ supervision, students whip up their favorite baked treats, and their parents share snaps of their masterpieces on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Good Deed Day – Students can share all the virtuous actions they did throughout the week and the take-home points they learned with each good deed.
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