5 Ways To Show Your School Spirit Post Lockdown

5 Ways To Show Your School Spirit Post Lockdown

Like other sectors, the education industry has suffered a lot due to the pandemic; academic gaps spurred by lockdowns and social distancing measures made it challenging for students to keep up with the changing learning modes. In addition, students and educational institutions suffered heavy blows during the lockdown phase, with many students taking a year off.

Fortunately, the testing times of the current pandemic seem to be nearing an end, and the light at the end of the tunnel is gradually brightening. This makes the upcoming fall session a great time to celebrate the school spirit with unique events for the entire community. In Sandy, UT, Spirit Magnet is an excellent source for customized school spirit wear, car magnets, decals, stickers, etc.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of five activities to help you show some love for your school.

1. Themed Spirit Weeks

Themed spirit weeks are a great way to get students excited. “Wear your favorite-colored shirt” and “dress like your favorite teacher” are some popular themes for this week. Such events can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like them to be!

The most important thing is getting kids involved and letting parents know what’s happening, so they feel included. You can also engage the student body and encourage active participation from all stakeholders by asking students to give suggestions for the themed week. Don’t limit your celebrations to traditional spirit week activities; instead, plan something unique that will set your event apart from other schools.

2. Stand Up for a Cause

Raise funds for a worthy cause through events like bake sales and donation drives. This is one way you can celebrate with each other and display a unified school spirit while giving back to the community. In addition, by raising money for such causes, students get involved in helping the less fortunate.

3. Spirit Accessories

Nothing invokes school spirit better than few handy accessories. T-shirts, keychains, and necklaces all make great gifts for the students. Students can personalize these accessories to reflect particular interests or even their year in school, making them more tangible and unique than other generic gift items.

Belts are another popular accessory that not only makes you look cool but also tells every passerby how much pride you take in your school!

4. School Movie Night

Well, we’ve all missed the experience of watching a good movie with friends this past year. Organizing a school movie night is a great way to remind students of the recent tough times. Invite students and their families to the movie night, and hand out some snacks during the special occasion.

5. Get Customized Products

Customized products make school spirit events more exciting and enjoyable. Customized cups and t-shirts invoke a sense of camaraderie and serve to remind students even years later of all the good times they had at school.

If you’re planning a school celebration, Spirit Magnet can help by providing customized accessories and products in Sandy, UT. Our products make school celebrations more memorable, so contact us now and get the school spirit products you’re looking for.

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