4 Ways Spirit Wear Can Improve School Culture

4 Ways Spirit Wear Can Improve School Culture

Instilling school spirit in students is no easy task. Most students hate their alma maters while studying there due to one main reason – all the work they are forced to do. People say ‘you are young only once,’ and no one takes this more seriously than college students who want to enjoy their life and have as many experiences as they can before entering into the robotic work life.

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Below are four ways spirit wear can improve school culture.

1. It Can Reduce Bullying

Spirit wear like uniforms can cause a drop in bullying by developing a sense of community and unity, by eradicating competition and prejudice. Regular clothes cause barriers of class, association, preferences, modesty, and more to get erected between students. 

Bullies do not feel like asserting themselves, and victims feel safer and braver as they are part of a community.

Aside from bullying, spirit wear also helps curb other unhealthy behaviors and acts. The feeling of belonging integrates a sense of responsibility and accountability towards their school community, which strays them away from wrongdoings, as they might fear ending up alone or feeling like they don’t ‘fit in’.

2. It Boosts Extracurricular Activity Attendance

Spirit wear encourages a feeling of belonging in students that prompts them to get more involved in school activities and events, which, in turn, improves schoolwork. On top of that, spirit wear that students wear to events boosts their morale and unity, resulting in a more powerful and spirited display of school spirit at pep rallies and games.

3. It Helps With School Representation

The hours that different groups of students spend together develops a bond of friendship and affinity, which is strengthened by spirit wear, so when members from that community go out into the world or for events, they feel a sense of responsibility as they are going out to represent their school and friends.

Yet, instead of this causing fear in students, it encourages them to do the right thing and set a good example, so people look favorably and respectfully towards their community. 

The threat of a tarnished reputation stops students from committing acts that could somehow be associated back (with the spirit wear they are wearing) to their school or group.

4. It Improves Field Trip Safety

Custom school apparel and spirit wear can help you keep track of all students on a field trip when you are out in an unfamiliar setting. Students also feel safer when wearing matching apparel. It helps them find one another if they get lost and cause strangers with bad intentions to back off out due to the risk of potential identification.

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