4 Steps To Creating Customized Back-To-School Stickers With Spirit Magnet

4 Steps To Creating Customized Back-To-School Stickers With Spirit Magnet

Stickers are a great way to induce school spirit in students after the dreadful academic year last year. While preparations for a new school year are going on with a bang, parents are gathering school supplies for their children, and teachers are preparing their academic curriculum. As a member or head of school management, you can design customized stickers to make back-to-school moments more memorable for students.

Stickers are not only great for labeling school supplies but also one of the best souvenirs that kids take home. You can get customized stickers for each class, according to their needs and requirements. For instance, Grade 1 students would need stickers for their water bottles, backpack, and stationary, whereas Grade 7 students might require stickers for laptops, mobile phone covers, along with basic school supplies.

Here are the four steps to creating customized back-to-school stickers with Spirit Magnet at budget-friendly rates.

1. Connect with Spirit Magnet

Click on stickers on our website to get tailored stickers at the most reasonable rates. You can select the sticker quantity ranging from 125, 250, 350, 500, 750, and 1000. Please note that the price varies as the quantity of stickers increases. Besides, you can also request a custom quote/proof before placing your order.

2. Choose Your Design

You can either request samples or upload your artwork. In case you wish to use your own template and design, make sure that the shapes, fonts, colors, and other elements in the graphics are clear and well-finished. If you don’t have your artwork at hand, you can skip this step and email us your artwork later.

In case you place a sample request, our team will get back to you as soon as possible. You’ll be provided with high-quality designs and prints of various stickers to choose from.

3. Customize and Edit Your Design

Whether you choose from our samples or use your own artwork, you can further personalize the content by placing a request. Resize the shapes or lines, rearrange the design or change the font of the text as per your needs.

Next, review your design after making all the adjustments to get it ready for printing.

4. Wait for Order Delivery

Upon receiving your customized sticker order, our experts start working on the design and production of personalized stickers and make sure to deliver them within the promised deadlines.

We guarantee high-quality printing of sticker designs so that your students cherish the back-to-school stickers for years.

Spirit Magnet is one of the leading producers of school spirit products in Sandy, Utah, at the most economical rates. From customized stickers and magnets to school spirit t-shirts and personalized water bottles, we have everything to uplift the school spirit in your students. Need we say more? Place your order today!

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