4 Creative Ways To Use Magnets In The Classroom To Enhance Learning

4 Creative Ways To Use Magnets In The Classroom To Enhance Learning

Do you use magnets in your classroom? If not, it’s time to start! Magnets are a great way to get students engaged and excited about learning. In this blog post, we will talk about creative ways to use magnets in the classroom.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on and find out how you can use these nifty little helpers in your classroom today.

1) Magnetize a Map and Cut it into Pieces to Create a Puzzle

You can use magnets to create a puzzle of any sort! This is perfect for students who are just learning the location of some countries. For example, use a map covering Europe and have each student find their country. Then have them use magnets to stick it onto another sheet of paper under the map!

Or, cut a map of the US into small pieces. Stick a magnet behind each piece and use them as a task card. Have students reassemble the map as they answer questions about each state.

There are endless possibilities out there when it comes to creating magnetic puzzles for classrooms. They help build listening skills, teamwork, collaboration and are great for small group work.

2) Make a Magnet-Powered Car

Create a car that runs on magnets. While this may seem like science fiction, magnetic energy to power cars is becoming more and more popular, and it is a lot of fun for kids. The process involves attaching a magnet to a car with tape and using another big magnet to repel and propel the car forward.

If you would like to use this with your students, make sure that they use it in a safe space outside or inside the classroom. You will also want to have several smaller magnets on hand so that every student gets to try creating a magnetic-powered car.

3) Use Magnetic Letters to Play the Popular Fishing Game

You can have two students play this game. Assign letters from A to M to one student and assign letters from N to Z to the other student. Make two fishing rods by tying a piece of thread to a magnet for each student. Give each rod to a student and have them catch the assigned letters, i.e., fish.

This activity will help build phonics skills, sight word identification, and vocabulary development. It can also serve as an introduction to Scrabble or other similar games which use letters and magnetic pieces. Along with learning, students will have a great time – and share a few laughs – playing this game.

4) Vocabulary / Word Wall

Another use for magnets in the classroom is to make a vocabulary wall. This allows students who are learning new words and concepts an extra visual aid when trying to memorize them. You can use this same concept for building vocabulary during pre-reading and independent reading activities. Place magnetic words around the room (or in an area where students will walk by) and use them as opportunities to explore new or challenging words.

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