4 Activities You Can Do With Your Elementary Class Before Christmas Break!

4 Activities You Can Do With Your Elementary Class Before Christmas Break!

Elementary teachers & their wards have a beautiful relationship between a mentor and their dedicated apprentice. A teacher’s personality can heavily impact social learning & etiquette in later adolescence. The connection between a child & a teacher is best nurtured by positive reinforcement in the classroom – what better way than to design appropriate student activities that stimulate the child’s imagination, creativity, and comprehension of mature concepts!

That said, Christmas is a joyous occasion, and though it calls for your wards to have a break from study, you can make their last days before the break quite memorable. Spirit Magnet has just the ideas for you!

1. Make-A-Sock Activity

True, knitting is quite an advanced skill for young kids in elementary. The needles themselves can pose a hazard in their innocent hands, so literally, knitting socks are out of the question. However, you can use glue and pre-cut cloth for your wards to work with. Add edible sparkles and glitter beads for decoration. The entire purpose is to instill a sense of crafting personalized gifts for your loved ones rather than investing in store-bought items.

2. Put Up Classroom Decorations

Children love decorations involving ornaments! Involve your students in a bit of pre-Christmas classroom decorations to instill in them a strong desire to express their interior decor talent. It doesn’t have to be professional, but who knows, you might have a few future interior decorators among your wards!

3. Canvas Creativity

Good teachers follow the syllabus; great teachers help their students think outside the box. Put up a canvas at child height in the classroom along with a stretch of markers, non-toxic crayons, & a custom range of stickers depicting various emoticons & holiday symbols. Let your class have their way of writing out meaningful messages to beloved teachers, friends, to quotes they wish to express, along with the option of putting up stickers on the canvas. The class with the best canvas wins a custom printed set of photos on quality fridge magnets!

4. Custom Favors

Regardless of the beautiful gifts that your students will be unpacking over the holidays, you and the rest of your peers can arrange for some pre-break favors too. Hand out custom masks to instill the importance of protecting themselves from respiratory hazards, and t-shirts to be signed by the children among themselves as a means of preserving connectivity and friendship. Customized water bottles filled with candy & chocolates and, wrapped in red ribbons and topped with a miniature Santa cap is sure to send the kids into throes of delight! Reindeer print bags would further add to the happy gift mix.

Spirit Magnet never seems to run out of ideas as far as festivities, learning, and creativity are involved. Christmas is a time for togetherness and friendship, so that is the spirit that we as teachers should instill in our young wards.

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