3 Ways To Increase School Spirit In The Post COVID World

3 Ways To Increase School Spirit In The Post COVID World

Although the pandemic threat still looms large, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that we can all look forward to. With the vaccination process in full flow, regular services are resuming worldwide.

Like all other industries, the education sector missed out a great deal during the last year. Maintaining the school spirit was a huge challenge, considering get-togethers and mass gatherings were officially banned. Many schools found it difficult to keep pace with the curriculum through online classes as students and teachers faced numerous problems.

However, with the vaccination drives in full swing, we’re all hopeful education after the pandemic will be exactly like it was before. This means that it’s time to start planning fun activities to get the school spirit going!

Here’s a compilation of some school spirit activities that can help engage the students.

A Fun Carnival

Everyone likes a carnival; the fun atmosphere, games, and good food make a carnival truly memorable. Gathering class graduates and allowing your students to set up stalls is a great way to engage them after depressing times.

Affiliating the carnival with a charity helps you give back to the community and invoke a sense of giving in the young ones. However, during the celebrations, you must ensure that all preventive SOPs are followed and everyone keeps the mask on.

School children can also wear customized masks and spirit wear T-shirts for the carnival. You can design various masks or synchronize all masks to give a special vibe to the occasion. Designing a unique set of school spirit bags will also help add a special feeling to the event, making it memorable for those involved.

A Field Trip

Getting all your students together to visit a historic monument or a museum can also be a great way of invoking the school spirit. It helps in developing a sense of camaraderie amongst the kids. It also helps to apply what you teach them in school. With public places reopening now, you can shortlist a few options and let your students vote on where they wish to go. However, once again, you must not forget to follow the social distancing guidelines!

An Award Ceremony

Organizing an award ceremony to celebrate the school community’s efforts in standing with each other will strike a chord with all students and members involved. Hand out awards to all students, give them fun and creative titles, and don’t forget to thank each one of them for coordinating with you during the tough times.

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