3 Reasons To Use Spirit Wear For Your Elementary School's Fundraising Event

3 Reasons To Use Spirit Wear For Your Elementary School’s Fundraising Event

Planning a fundraiser at your elementary school? Try spirit wear

This is custom school apparel that incorporates the school’s name, logo, and/or mascot to create a sense of unity and pride. 

Incorporating spirit wear in your school’s fundraising event is an excellent and effective way of building enthusiasm for the cause and making students, teachers, and school staff proud of their organization.

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Customized apparel is a low-risk option, especially if you buy online. And educational institutes around the country have achieved success with spirit wear. 

Here are three solid reasons why school spirit wear makes for a great fundraising option.

1. Welcome Students Back To School

This year, students got an extended summer break thanks to COVID-19. Many schools in Utah have shifted online to battle the surge in positive cases. 

Considering the situation, a spirit wear fundraiser is a great way to welcome kids back to school. This will also start the new academic year on a high note, and you can raise funds at the same time. 

2. Support School Programs

While most before- and after-school programs have volunteers, they do require some staff to be present. And they should be compensated for their time. Grants are a great help for schools to meet such expenses, but not all schools can secure them. 

Besides compensating school staff, these programs have other expenses, such as meals, supplies, and fun activities. A spirit wear fundraiser can generate money for this cause and make students who attend these programs (and volunteers and staff) feel special. 

3. Get More Classroom Supplies

You’d be surprised how much supplies are used in the average classroom in any given school year. There never seems to be enough paper, pencils, erasers, and crayons, etc. 

It’s an open secret that teachers pay for extra supplies out of pocket – and these expenses run into hundreds of dollars. Once again, you can launch a fundraising event to provide classroom supplies.

How To Incorporate Spirit Wear In Your Fundraising 

There are several ways to use custom school apparel for fundraising, especially during a pandemic. 

For example, you can sell T-shirts and masks online, and the items will be shipped directly to the buyer’s home. 

But if you think a physical event will make a greater impact, plan on organizing a drive-by T-shirt sale. This will reduce crowding and human contact while still creating a sense of community. 

Finally, many PTAs are also planning to raise funds this year by selling spirit items like yard signs, flags, and mailbox decorations. You can sell these online and deliver them to the family’s doorstep, and they can decorate their yard to celebrate being part of the school and its cause. 

At Spirit Magnet, we provide high-quality school spirit wear at the best prices in Sandy, UT, and other cities in the U.S. Click here to get in touch.

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